Read online:



in Enchanted Conversation,


Zoopoiesis, With Mountains:

in Lackington’s Issue 12, Animals,


Meet Me At The Top:

in Mirror Dance,


Golden Rules:

in Syntax & Salt,


Some Pictures Of Monsters:

in The Dark,


Little Government Gets Us Nowhere:

in Journal of Unlikely Observances,



in: Twice Upon A Time

The Men In The Wall:

in: Niteblade 31 (All The Better)

Out Of Their Cages:

in The Were-Traveler:

Ambergris, or The Sea-Sacrifice:

in Lackington’s:

The Occluded:

Raw Vegetables On The Go:

The Flustered Husband’s Guide To Spices:

Grief In The Strange Loop:

Angels Behaving Badly:

Frozen (a drabble):

Memories Of A Conqueror:

In Autumn Everything Grows / Children’s Faces :

The Innocence Machine (a drabble):

Lady Gray:!issue-1-puss-in-boots/cf5l




OR get:


The Father Carries Us Far Away:

in Typhon, A Monster Anthology, Pantheon,


The Garden Of Our Deceit:

in Playground Of Lost Toys, Exile Editions,


In The Halls Of Mercy:
in Fictionvale

in Fae, an anthology from World Weaver Press

Agawam In The Off Season:
in Phobos Magazine

The Furred Devil’s Apology:
in The Colored Lens

in Shadows of a Fading World

Three Rights Make A Left:
in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet


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