Back in the loop !


After (oops) a year and a half of not posting here, it’s probably time to reboot.

First, news: an updated list of published stories (see Stories, left sidebar), including an exciting acceptance by the beautiful Lackington’s Magazine (their Spring issue “Seas”). The story is called “Ambergris, or The Sea-Sacrifice” and it’s an attempt to tell a fairy tale with a father who fights for his child.

Looking back on winter/spring 2014/2015, a theme emerges (one I wasn’t conscious of and not sure I’m on friendly terms with yet), which is the fairy-tale princess grown old. Both “Sevenfold” and “The Men In The Wall” deal with this, as well as a third story I finished in the summer and which is still looking for a home. Three – count ’em! – three stories of what happens after the beauty, the romance, the bikini figure, and I didn’t notice the link between them til afterward. Something unconscious going on there or not?

What I’m looking forward to:  “The Case of the Passionless Bees” will be reprinted in the premiere issue of a new ezine entitled Mothership Zeta, edited by Mur Lafferty

This looks like a good one, folks  – I can’t wait to be part of it!

Also a story of mine will be out soon in the anthology “The Playground of Lost Toys” by the Canadian publisher Exile Editions, co-edited by Ursula Pflug. Steampunk chessboards! Aliens! Check it out…

Soon to come: I’m reading “Dramatica: A New Theory Of Story”. This is amazing stuff for a writer. Looks complicated, but isn’t, and I’m already thinking back to stories I abandoned, beginning to see why they didn’t work and how I might fix them. More on this when I’ve finished. Lots to think about.

Happy reading!


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